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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Friday, February 24, 2006

Oscar Fever!

Okay...i'll admit it...i've been dying to talk about this for sometime now. Well not dying but very very very interested. I have not seen one of the movies that have been nominated for the various academy awards. For example i've been dying to see 'Munich'(nominated for Best Picture) because it stars Eric Bana who I think is a pretty good actor. But unfortunately due to the very pissing off 'releasing-of-movies' in Dubai we have to wait until after the Oscars are over to watch these critically acclaimed movies. Some are lucky though. They are released early in the year so we have seen some. But for movies like "Goodnight and Goodluck"(Best Picture) and "Capote", we just have to rely on the fact that they will release in Dubai, but way later. I personally find this quite pissing off, I mean like the whole world saw Harry Potter first and only in the gulf did we wait for its release.
But anyway back to the movies. For those who do not the nominations I think I'll do you guys a favour. And The Nominees for 78th Academy Awards are...

Best motion picture of the year

"Brokeback Mountain" (Focus Features) Diana Ossana and James Schamus, Producers
A River Road Entertainment Production

"Capote" (UA/Sony Pictures Classics) Caroline Baron, William Vince and Michael Ohoven,
An A-Line Pictures/Cooper's Town/ Producers
Infinity Media Production

"Crash" (Lions Gate) Paul Haggis and Cathy Schulman, Producers
A Bob Yari/DEJ/Blackfriar's Bridge/
Harris Company/ApolloProscreen
GmbH & Co./Bull's Eye Entertainment

"Good Night, and Good Luck." Grant Heslov, Producer
(Warner Independent Pictures)
A Good Night Good Luck LLC Production

"Munich" (Universal and DreamWorks) Kathleen Kennedy, Steven Spielberg and A Universal Pictures/DreamWorks Barry Mendel, Producers
Pictures Production

Performance by an actor in a leading role

Philip Seymour Hoffman in "Capote" (UA/Sony Pictures Classics)

Terrence Howard in "Hustle & Flow" (Paramount Classics, MTV Films and New Deal Entertainment)

Heath Ledger in "Brokeback Mountain" (Focus Features)

Joaquin Phoenix in "Walk the Line" (20th Century Fox)

David Strathairn in "Good Night, and Good Luck." (Warner Independent Pictures)

Performance by an actor in a supporting role

George Clooney in "Syriana" (Warner Bros.)

Matt Dillon in "Crash" (Lions Gate)

Paul Giamatti in "Cinderella Man" (Universal and Miramax)

Jake Gyllenhaal in "Brokeback Mountain" (Focus Features)

William Hurt in "A History of Violence" (New Line)

Performance by an actress in a leading role

Judi Dench in "Mrs. Henderson Presents" (The Weinstein Company)

Felicity Huffman in "Transamerica" (The Weinstein Company and IFC Films)

Keira Knightley in "Pride & Prejudice" (Focus Features)

Charlize Theron in "North Country" (Warner Bros.)

Reese Witherspoon in "Walk the Line" (20th Century Fox)

Performance by an actress in a supporting role

Amy Adams in "Junebug" (Sony Pictures Classics)

Catherine Keener in "Capote" (UA/Sony Pictures Classics)

Frances McDormand in "North Country" (Warner Bros.)

Rachel Weisz in "The Constant Gardener" (Focus Features)

Michelle Williams in "Brokeback Mountain" (Focus Features)

Best animated feature film of the year

"Howl's Moving Castle" (Buena Vista)
Hayao Miyazaki

"Tim Burton's Corpse Bride" (Warner Bros.)
Tim Burton and Mike Johnson

"Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit" (DreamWorks Animation SKG)
Nick Park and Steve Box

Achievement in art direction

"Good Night, and Good Luck." (Warner Independent Pictures)
Art Direction: Jim Bissell
Set Decoration: Jan Pascale

"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" (Warner Bros.)
Art Direction: Stuart Craig
Set Decoration: Stephenie McMillan

"King Kong" (Universal)
Art Direction: Grant Major
Set Decoration: Dan Hennah and Simon Bright

"Memoirs of a Geisha" (Sony Pictures Releasing)

Art Direction: John Myhre
Set Decoration: Gretchen Rau

"Pride & Prejudice" (Focus Features)
Art Direction: Sarah Greenwood
Set Decoration: Katie Spencer

Achievement in cinematography

"Batman Begins" (Warner Bros.) Wally Pfister

"Brokeback Mountain" (Focus Features) Rodrigo Prieto

"Good Night, and Good Luck." Robert Elswit
(Warner Independent Pictures)

"Memoirs of a Geisha" (Sony Pictures Releasing) Dion Beebe

"The New World" (New Line) Emmanuel Lubezki

Achievement in costume design

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (Warner Bros.) Gabriella Pescucci

"Memoirs of a Geisha" (Sony Pictures Releasing) Colleen Atwood

"Mrs. Henderson Presents" (The Weinstein Company) Sandy Powell

"Pride & Prejudice" (Focus Features) Jacqueline Durran

"Walk the Line" (20th Century Fox) Arianne Phillips

Achievement in directing

"Brokeback Mountain" (Focus Features) Ang Lee

"Capote" (UA/Sony Pictures Classics) Bennett Miller

"Crash" (Lions Gate) Paul Haggis

"Good Night, and Good Luck." George Clooney
(Warner Independent Pictures)

"Munich" (Universal and DreamWorks) Steven Spielberg

And also a very badly taken video of the nominees selection night:

And This is the trailer for Brokeback Mountain (controversial best picture):

Who do you think is going to win (thats if you've seen any of the movies)?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Musical Inputs #1

As usual the exams are back...once again. And funnily enough, its only at this point of time that my mind begins to wander. Anyway continuing on the same lines as my last post, I'm just curious as to find out what music people are currently listening. Not that I'm running out of any(as if...) but just curious. Harry the other day kindly sent me a single from a band called flipside...which was not half bad, so i was wondering whether you people would like comment upon what music is gathering your interest and do us all a favour and pass it on. Like that song at school.
Any Genre please, not just rock or pop. Whatever catches your attention. I will listen to all songs suggested and give my personal priceless comments on each.
I'm aware that most of you people are not like me, and you guys are busy studying, but like when you guys are taking a break, alright?
And by the way (for those wondering) T.H.E.W. is a spoofish type rap song that romit ali and myself composed and recorded for other peoples listening pleasure. Please contact the above people or harry or anish or basically anyone you think who might have the song. Get your copy today!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"T.H.E.W. 2" Releasing Soon!

The highly anticipated return of the royal rap brothers Lil' Romeo & LL TJ, finally came when today a spokesperson of LL TJ, Tejas Menon announced over MSN that the sequel to the multi-platinum, award winning CD Single "T.H.E.W." , would be released sometime this week. "T.H.E.W. 2 definately shows the more meaningful side of us", said LL TJ in a recent press conference," and it will surely be a favourite for sometime".
On Being asked whether this would infact be their last single together the rapper replied," We really enjoy making music together, even though it can be a pain sometimes, but lets see what life has in store for us."
Another surprise for the Public is that the Legendary Mr.GMFM has not been featured in this song. Fans are sure to be thoroughly dissapointed at his absence.
The songs theme is based on cricket and is a medium through which Rappers Lil Romeo and LL TJ hope to give out a message to aspiring cricketers. The Release date for their new EP has not officially been given out, but we are sure that it is currently in its post-production stages.

Environmental Science

Today was my first EVS exam. Listen to me, im like a third grade kid. But funnily enough if you look at me you might actually believe that last statement to be true. My verdict- Its long boring and it sucks. I swear if i have to write the word "biodiversity" one more time im gonna kill myself. 3 hrs of writing relatively the same stuff over and over again. And for no apparent reason the song "somewhere over the rainbow" kept springing up into my mind.Like an earworm. Then after finishing my paper...i made a noose out of the rope that was given to me to tie my paper and aritra made a paper dude. I took paper dude and hung him. Too bad paper dude. Sorry. Anyway the rest of the day was spent in talking and I also tried to make a guillotine to kill paper dude.

Before this Was Mr. Guzders farewell by the way my first singing after...well... you know. Quite a success and i was quite happy about the twins anish and the others first singing debut. I feel like a veteran...i was so proud of all them... I am..Guys if you didnt know.
Anyway thats all for now except for my next post so ill say goodbye then.

Standard Chartered- Redial's Last stage Gig.

I dont want to talk about this in public (guys see me later, or just the video for that matter...).


Next was the goodbye to the twelthies. i know for a fact that i am not in the mood to retell the story once again, and im not going to do justice to it. But anyway...
The hall looked great that night,(cheers to anyone involved) and for once was i was impressed by the food by the Abela dudes. The Video Presentation was a great hit(ask anish for the download) and i was moderately successful after we (ali shayaan aarthi and i) performed. Everyone seemed to like the elvis medley, welcome to wherever you are on the other hand...well lets just say it wasnt as much of a disaster as my next performance would be...

Radio Roadshow - Egoistical or Egotistical? I'm not sure...Shrivats?

Last Wednesday 'Redial' went on air...finally after days of speculation. I guess we did alright, ali got to talk to his hearts content about how "basically, we are all rockers!"...Here's a question that Ashiq and I have been pondering about recently...why is everything basic? Basically this and Basically that. Why isn't anything complex? Not just you ali, but infact its a craze especially in our school.
Anyway back to whats important. Radio Roadshow. Its really an experience to watch these guys literally talk straight without screwing up or otherwise, they just speak and the words come out...and no not "basically...were live!".No shit. I got to say my one line. I was wondering , the first time (and not the last mind you) i was on air and the two words,(if i had to say any two words) i spoke were "Elvis Presley".Pretty cool. The female there obviously had the hots for me seeing as soon as my performance was over, she came over to me and shook me warmly by the hand and said "Oh my God you have an incredible singing voice!" and i had to remind her to let go of my hand. I'm serious...throughout the entire song she as smiling at me...well who knows. This was not going to be the last time some chick would smile at me during a performance.
Aarthi hit a few bad notes and forgot the lines...i came to her rescue of course but she had a bad throat that day...
My Parents went crazy over the singing bit and couldnt believe it was me...infact they thought for some reason that it was anish. Well good for you anish! Anyway right after we finished we left for up was the farewell...

No i have not been lazy. just buzy, hey that rhymes. Not blogstipated as anish puts it. just buzy.

Friday, February 10, 2006


I don't really know whether its his intention to piss me off, or otherwise because "mr. anonymous" is not doing a good job. The purpose of leaving comments is to spark healthy debates and to leave strong "worth-reading" opinions, unlike anonymous.If you read Anish's blog you can see the healthy debates that currently are based on the debatable topic of whether India is original enough in its ideas and thinking. Now theres something I read and enjoy, but for Mr.A...(who has by the way extended his intellect several times into anish's topics)
Now listen dude, no offence but if your too chicken to admit who you really are its kool man...I know, well, we all know your scared and insecure, and its totally understandable because some people have childhood trauma(i'm not saying it is, but it could be one of your many problems) which develop into inferiority complexes and social incompatibility.Or its possible that you are scared that you may get into the bad books of Tejas Menon and Anish Malpani, which may lead to you committing...okay not really, but then again I wouldn't put it past you. But whatever it is its alright man, we're here for you, we are your shoulder to cry on...okay,pumpkin?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

This is for the FrontRoad Mans...

Tarun had a conversation with is an excerpt... says:
and remeber to pass it on to ure mates
<¦[:†λѓטή:]¦>...6 to go...and all pretty easy too!!! says:
sure sure..
>>>ReÐiåL<<<- Guys and Girls, I have a says: thanks <¦[:†λѓטή:]¦>...6 to go...and all pretty easy too!!! says:
hahaa infact...people who dont know who you guys are....sent me the links..
<¦[:†λѓטή:]¦>...6 to go...and all pretty easy too!!! says:
>>>ReÐiåL<<<- Guys and Girls, I have a says: kool <¦[:†λѓטή:]¦>...6 to go...and all pretty easy too!!! says:
So i saw it and i saw you guys and i was like...NO WAY!!!
<¦[:†λѓטή:]¦>...6 to go...and all pretty easy too!!! says:

Does a little fame hurt? Naahh...

Four letter words

I really don't know myself. Today it came to my attention that we maybe swearing a bit too much these days. I'm not sure but I just happened to swear in front of my mom today(usually she's cool with it), completely out of frustration and she pleasantly reminded me that I was the one who claimed that I stop kids from swearing.Now don't get me wrong, I always(and im not lying)try to stop kids in my bus from swearing...but the wierd thing is that if we used to care so much, then why not now? I'm not a bloody saint but there was a time in which my friends used to stop me and say "Dude Tejas, look we need to talk. You are cursing too much these days and it has shocked us".
I'm not quoting you guys but I don't know, perhaps we have changed, I mean we HAVE changed. So if I stop kids from what I do, is there an age thing for swearing now?
"Now listen Prasidhi no swearing until you become 16 ,okay?"
Nobody cares. Well...I don't know. Should we just F***-et about it?

Standard Chartered - Redial's First Stage Gig.

Hey guys and girls(I said something about this before) this is to remind all of you busy people to please attend the Standard Chartered Marathon Thingy on Friday the 17th Of Febuary. Its supposed to be a big stage and all that stuff just like a real concert. We require the support of the school and seeing as you guys happen to make it up...
Its at the Dubai World Trade Centre at 11:00 AM and for more details contact me or Ali Yar Khan. Also on Monday 13th Feb, Redial will be performing Live on 103.8 Dubai i FM and our interview will also be on air. Heres to seeing you guys at the event!

I'm a little scared

I really dont know how long ill be able to keep this up so guys and girls(who we also call guys) please leave comments if you think its worth it. I need encouragement.Occasionally.

Thanks have convinced me to start seriously thinking...