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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Back on the road.

I think that walking has become more important and philosophical than I would have liked it to be. Well recently at least.

Each time I'm with people, enjoying myself thoroughly in their company, I'm suddenly not there anymore; I'm back on the road, walking towards wherever I'm headed. I hate it. It happens so fast that its scary. I'll be all "Wow, I'm finally here!" and suddenly that thought creeps into my head: You're not really here, Tejas.
I'm back on the road, far away from where I just was. I hate it. I guess it's the one time I hate being on the road, walking. And that experience is over.

Maybe that's why I like video so much. I love taking photos, many people do. Just so that we can hold on to the time that we were there. I've been on an overdose of photo-taking lately, just so desperate to capture every single moment that happens. I keep asking Anish whether he has brought his camera or not, scared whether I might lose whatever I have seen at that point. We all thrive on those memories; and to me its more than just nostalgia. I can't explain it; its more than that. More than just sitting back and looking at those photos and listening to emotional-thinky music. I want to be able to feel it all over again. I don't know.
I'm really confused.

And suddenly I realise I'm not there anymore , I just stop, and think "Oh crap."
But Before I know it, I'll close my eyes and I'll be somewhere else.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Harry's Vogue thing.

I'm really proud of this!
I think it has become common for all five of us at Redial Entertainment, that whenever we get extremely bored, we have to break this monotony by creating something. Today has been especially boring for me and thus I decided to exploit; and to quote Anish, Harry's "freakishly photogenic" face.
They say pictures speak a thousand words(this one really does!) so I shall say no more. Here are the original and final photos.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Just thinking off the top of my head

After my long hiatus(code for laziness), I've decided to come back to blogging. So many things have happened in the past few weeks that I couldn't possibly fit in everything, unless I pull a Rowling. But some of the highlights have been spending a lot of quality time with my best friends, saying some painful goodbyes, meeting new interesting people in city centre, catching up with old friends, Redial Entertainment, re-entering a social scene, School, nostalgia, and Maroon 5's new single.

I knew I wouldn't be able to write a post just to cover all the events that have take place recently, so instead I'll just write off the top of my head. I am leaving Dubai some time next week, for what I believe may be a long time. I've been keeping so busy that I almost forgot about it altogether. I'm LEAVING DUBAI! This place has been my home all my life. Yeah Dubai/Sharjah same thing, whatever. But Still! I feel so complete in this snug life of controversial/contradictory comfort that I'm not sure if I'll even have a semi-smooth life in India, whichever city I decide to study in.
But I'm looking forward to it.

People keep thinking that they have everything planned out for life; where they want to study, or what they want to do for a living. But the truth is that everything can change in a second. I'm lucky that I feel that I've selected a course that I think I will be quite good at, and I'm hoping my background and roots at Redial Entertainment will benefit me while I pursue a career in the field.

I'm going to miss most of the people here, and I hope I don't take it to badly the day I'm heading for the airport. I guess the only thing I'm just dreading is the next 2 months of settling in.
After that I should be fine.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Name, Songs

I know it is Valentines day, however I shall resist the urge to rant about my love life. Instead I'll share 2 new things with all readers, both music-related.

1. While listening with earphones, you should try closing your ears over the plugs. It makes your song extremely "bass-ey" and wonderfully reminiscent of your local club,although I do not reccommend prolonged use.

2. I listed out all songs which have names of people as their respective titles. What's interesting is that the female to male ratio is 4:1, and that's only by passing titles for males such as "Mr.Brightside", which technically doesn't officially count, but as the guy-from-the-grammy's-advertisments-on-star-world dude says, "rock n'roll is about breaking the rules".So...

Female names(What I have so far):
Angie, Laura, Nikita, Lola, Alison, Cecilia, Mandy, Jude, Maria(Maria), Tallulah, Jenny(was a friend of mine), (My)Sherona, Adrienne, (believe me)Natalie, Eleanor (Rigby)[there are actually two songs with her], Georgia[not charles], Dani(California), (long tall) Sally, Maybellene, Layla, Maggie May, Jessica, Sister Golden hair?, (Sister) Fatima, Josie, (Cross eyed) Mary, Sarah (Yellin'), (The diary of) Jane?, Stacey's Mom?, Chariot, Rapunzel, Roxanne, Elizabeth, Julie, Sophia, Michelle.
Thats all I've got so far; question marks on the ones that aren't technically allowed in my list.
Feel Free to contribute to my list. And also I do have the names of the bands who wrote and recorded these songs, but you must be outta your mind if you think I'm going to write all that down.

Male songs(I don't know how many of these count):
Mr.Jones, Mr.Bojangles, Joey, Kody, Charlie, Mr.Bartender?, (King)Creole, Casey Jones, (Hey) Joe, Daniel, Mr.Tambourine Man?, Louie(Louie), (Cotton eye) Joe, Vincente, Mr.Brightside.
Well, that's all folks!

Monday, February 05, 2007

I Liked Justin Timberlake's First Album

Recent conversations with people made me realise something new. It's not a habit or a quality, but a general nature about people. Everyone knows about the whole "going with the trend" thing. People can choose to like things that are either "in" or "cool" just so that they can be accepted as part of the gang.
But everyone knows that, right?

It actually only struck me now as how important that it is to me. To like and dislike what you want to, and not give a damn about what people think. It may be just a very small issue, but its important to me nonetheless. I'm just happy with myself today, because I know I don't choose that type of lifestyle where I have to go with any flow of any sort, and I'm thankful I have the type of friends that don't influence my behaviour in that way.

I remember when Justin Timberlake's first album released, I bought it and really liked it. It was funky and catchy and I enjoyed listening to it. It was my own fault I gave it up however, after people started laughing at me; my fault because I knew I shouldn't have done so. I listened to it recently again, and was wondering why I ever stopped listening to it!
About his new album however...
The point is simple but important: Do what you think is right, don't be part of a trend just for the sake of it and don't be afraid to try new things.
And also that I like Confessions on a Dance Floor.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Let Love In

I really wanted to wait till the last exam was over to blog, but I couldn't hold back.
Anish, for my birthday last year, along with an audioslave UMD burnt me a cd filled with stuff. The stuff I really wanted to see was 24 which I did, and since there was extra space he gave me some music.
Today I heard 'Let love in', 'the Goo Goo Dolls' previous album.

It has to be the worst album I've heard so far. My God.

'Let Love In' is the most cliched album in the history of cliched music. Most of the songs are on the same key, so for the better part of the album you think you're listening to one big song. And they have similar chords. And I can sing the words "Stay with you" throughout the entire album and can still be phrasing with the rest of the band.

1.Stay With You [The only one I can tolerate]
2.Let Love In [Similar vocals to "Stay With You"]
3.Feel The Silence [Of his probably bleeding heart]
4.Better Days [When she's there]
5.Without You Here [...No better days]
6.Listen [Change of vocals...Bad idea]
7.Give A Little Bit [no comment]
8.Can't Let It Go [no comment]
9.We'll Be Here (When You're Gone)[<--they did it for me!]
10.Strange Love [Change of Vocals again]
11.Become [Poor way to end]

The band were obviously going through some major love issues through this album, as we have one sappy love song after another; that is right till 'Listen'. Here the band tries something different and the lead singer hands over the vocals to the guitarist. This guy has the most annoying voice ever, and over that he has really original lyrics, like in the chorus: "Listen...Listen to me."
But on the brightside at least from that song onwards, the songs get a bit more upbeat. But not better. This is a bad album. Comparing this to albums like "Songs about Jane" and "Bounce" which i think were the best albums I have purchased so far, and where the entire album is great. On most occasions we like most of the album and dislike a couple of songs. Here we have the rare case where you like one song and the rest of the album sucks. I can probably guess the names of the songs for their next album; it should be something like 'Together','Until you leave' and 'Be with me'.

There are still some good things about this album however. The lead singer has a good voice despite having bad lyrics. The album does have some emotion in it, but I guess after 11 songs you do get the message, perhaps emotional periods aren't the best times to write music.
Let Love in?
Hell...Let me out!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A few more things...

Here are a few more things I wanted to blog about before the prelims...

1. I think Anish covered the whole new year escapade quite well so I wont waste time on that...instead happy new year to whoever i havent wished already!

2.I did it! I walked to my school in Jumeirah! I missed the bus for my extra classes about 2 weeks ago, and my dad had already left for work. Instead of taking a cab, I just started walking! I started at 7:45 and reached by 10:30; thats 2 hours 45 minutes!

The red line goes off the map on both sides!:P

3.I'm totally in love with this female:

4. I hate March.Because...

5. ...Of the great shows I might miss, such as jazz fest! In honour of him, I have added the Jamie Cullum player to my blog. C'mon guys, get into jazz!

Uhhh, yea. That's it.