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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Scaling To New Heights...

Scaling To New Heights? I live on the 25th floor now.But Dubai definately is.
After living for a little less than a month in my new home, I have discovered a net cafĂ© that I incidentally pass every morning as I walk towards the bus stop. That’s right people, I have shifted. Some of you know and some of you don’t and for the latter, I have shifted to Sharjah. “OH MY GOD! Didn’t you like shift from Sharjah to Dubai like around like a year ago?”
The answer: Yes I did. I’m back in Sharjah, and guess what…It’s the same area too. Neither here nor there.
‘ On the outskirts shall thouest live,
Even though thou hast liveth thereth beforeth,
And thouest shall burneth in helleth there anyways’
- God (Act II Scene II: Not Much To-do About Everything)

Why? Simply because my rent has increased. That’s it. Along with everything else I might add. But then why shift all the way back to Sharjah? Just better to be safe than sorry, but what’s up with the whole hike anyway? Oh my God! Could it be? Has it come to that? INFLATION?!
Not really. But there has been a genuine rise in prices in certain areas. The Prime example is real estate. The more real estate that is released into the market from Nakheel, Emaar etc., the more people want to buy. Palms, Greens, Gardens, Hills, Ranches, Meadows, Stables, Farms, Outback, you name it, and the Sheikh signs for it.
Another Price rise everyone is dreading: The School Fees. Yes, they are going up and there’s nothing we can do about it except try our level best to earn and curse more. We don’t really know for sure by how much, but we can expect a 20-30 % increase. And also the transport fees recently increased. Rumour has it that our school is going to be relocated as well; 10th grade and below enjoy! But in truth this is really sad for us. We wont have the memories or in fact the same school to go back and visit. We are aware that ‘ Oh the memories of school shall be in the heart’…Duh! But how will we remember were we had our first fight (or in some peoples cases first kiss, second kiss and/or more), or where we hid our stuff from losers, or were we actually sat and ate lunch? Gone, all gone.
Sharjah guys will have to wake up by like 4 in the morning!
Airport tax, toll tax and VATs are in the process of being introduced (even though this process may take a while) and basically the standard of living is going up drastically.

But we can still hope for a better future, who knows…maybe there is a little bit of oil left.