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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Let Love In

I really wanted to wait till the last exam was over to blog, but I couldn't hold back.
Anish, for my birthday last year, along with an audioslave UMD burnt me a cd filled with stuff. The stuff I really wanted to see was 24 which I did, and since there was extra space he gave me some music.
Today I heard 'Let love in', 'the Goo Goo Dolls' previous album.

It has to be the worst album I've heard so far. My God.

'Let Love In' is the most cliched album in the history of cliched music. Most of the songs are on the same key, so for the better part of the album you think you're listening to one big song. And they have similar chords. And I can sing the words "Stay with you" throughout the entire album and can still be phrasing with the rest of the band.

1.Stay With You [The only one I can tolerate]
2.Let Love In [Similar vocals to "Stay With You"]
3.Feel The Silence [Of his probably bleeding heart]
4.Better Days [When she's there]
5.Without You Here [...No better days]
6.Listen [Change of vocals...Bad idea]
7.Give A Little Bit [no comment]
8.Can't Let It Go [no comment]
9.We'll Be Here (When You're Gone)[<--they did it for me!]
10.Strange Love [Change of Vocals again]
11.Become [Poor way to end]

The band were obviously going through some major love issues through this album, as we have one sappy love song after another; that is right till 'Listen'. Here the band tries something different and the lead singer hands over the vocals to the guitarist. This guy has the most annoying voice ever, and over that he has really original lyrics, like in the chorus: "Listen...Listen to me."
But on the brightside at least from that song onwards, the songs get a bit more upbeat. But not better. This is a bad album. Comparing this to albums like "Songs about Jane" and "Bounce" which i think were the best albums I have purchased so far, and where the entire album is great. On most occasions we like most of the album and dislike a couple of songs. Here we have the rare case where you like one song and the rest of the album sucks. I can probably guess the names of the songs for their next album; it should be something like 'Together','Until you leave' and 'Be with me'.

There are still some good things about this album however. The lead singer has a good voice despite having bad lyrics. The album does have some emotion in it, but I guess after 11 songs you do get the message, perhaps emotional periods aren't the best times to write music.
Let Love in?
Hell...Let me out!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A few more things...

Here are a few more things I wanted to blog about before the prelims...

1. I think Anish covered the whole new year escapade quite well so I wont waste time on that...instead happy new year to whoever i havent wished already!

2.I did it! I walked to my school in Jumeirah! I missed the bus for my extra classes about 2 weeks ago, and my dad had already left for work. Instead of taking a cab, I just started walking! I started at 7:45 and reached by 10:30; thats 2 hours 45 minutes!

The red line goes off the map on both sides!:P

3.I'm totally in love with this female:

4. I hate March.Because...

5. ...Of the great shows I might miss, such as jazz fest! In honour of him, I have added the Jamie Cullum player to my blog. C'mon guys, get into jazz!

Uhhh, yea. That's it.