Please Observe.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Do you really know whats happening?

Do you really know whats happening?
Rocky Balboa is a success,
More people have died in Harry Potter,
No more new internet windows,
Thats one more year gone,
Battery is going faster than ever,
We're communicating on .28 fils,
Sequels in the Indian film industry,
1 Gb mail space,
No more buying CDs,
Glass and Steel,
Still more C G Am F,
35% Polyester Lab coats,
Audio Books,
Tallest buildings in the same country,
More and more folders,
A single Tb,
and still 3 more till double digits!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Plastic Surgery, Stories so far and Baby Doll

Recently I have been thinking about some stuff, all random. I honestly can't seem to focus on anything specific.
I don't know if they've been doing this from some time or not, but I think that whenever an actor/actress in a Hindi soap gets tired of his role and wants to quit, he is faced with some options. The produces can kill him/her off, but I think their personal favourite is to make him/her have a near fatal accident. Obviously in this accident they make sure a larger portion of the persons face is pummelled in (or out), and thus the only option is for them to have plastic surgery.
When I last visited the Sahara Centre bookstore (on level 1/2) I ran into the non-fiction section. It's so strange how everyone wants to release "their story so far". Everyone is releasing their autobiographies on their lives "so far". Everyone is impatient. They can't wait till their old enough to hire an assistant whom they can dictate to.
I don't know.
It makes the process far simpler. But then you wonder if they'll start right from the beginning or from where they left off. Also how they title their own books: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY. I mean, rather than "my autobiography" they have "THE" inserted and a picture of him/her silhouetted against some brilliant beautiful landscape.
Oh well.
They've started advertising on Cartoon Network now. I can't believe they are doing this. And the best part is that it’s for a doll. I want to talk about this doll. It is not an ordinary doll by any means. This "baby-doll" (excuse the unintentional references to the new wave of Hindi pop; another bit I'd like to talk about someday) can shut its eyes and go to sleep and has a jacuzzi/tub type thing in which you can bathe it. You can pump bubbles into the tub it as well.
But I think the highlight of this toy is that....wait for can pee. Yes that’s right. Baby-doll now pees. How do I know this? Because they actually had a close-up of baby-doll...functioning.
Oh well. That’s technology for you!
But don't get me wrong. I’m not knocking everything; there is still some good left in this world.
I don't know how many of you watch 'Sheep in the big city', but I can tell you one thing, it's a salvation.
Sorry for criticising everything else. I can't focus!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Overview of the last few days

I'm really worn out. Today I slept, and then slept again.
Its been a hectic but fun week though.
Here are the bad points:
1. Abuse-filled, stressing tech-rehearsals for "Any Dream Will Do".
2. Rain at the wrong time.
3. Bad headphones.
4. PSP messed up.
5. Running around to find Judges. Last minute stuff.
6. Making Judging Sheets (With a lil' help from my friend...well actually I helped him!)
7. I missed half of children's day.
8. Because of last minute editing.
9. Stupid parents cancel "Any Dream Will Do".
10. They spelt my name "Tegas Menon" in the brochure.
11. Did not eat dinner for 4 days in a row.
12. Screwing up Chords for a song you think you practiced.
13. Losing the competition.
14. UnOfficial Last day of school.

But everyone knows that there is a brightside to everything. Here are the good things.

1. I made new friends at Millenium School.
2. Met a Magician.
3. Recorded the Magician.
4. Had three amazing shows.
5. Saw a Brilliant Award Winning Play "Good Morning Shakespeare".
6. One of my best friend's got the overall best actor and a standing ovation.
7. Redial Entertainment had some well-deserved critical acclaim.
8. We pulled of Crescendo 2006! I can't believe we got it to happen!
9. Saw an amazing show from the teachers for the students. Respect!
10. Axel and Sharon...(Sir and Ma'am respectively) I love you guys!
11. Made some new friends at Modern!
12. Saw some great talent.
13. More walking for me!
14. Monday was fun.:P

Lots more stuff happened, I can't remember. I'm sleepy.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Rain and Breaking Records

In the past few days I achieved two big things:

1. You all know how I like to walk. I left the house right after getting back from school at 5 on the day of the physics exam, and tried to find my way to Zulekha Hospital. My cousin's wife just gave birth to a baby boy, and I really wanted to see how she and the baby were. I told my mom "I'm going for a walk" and left.
After walking past Sahara Centre, I looked around for the hospital, but couldn’t seem to find it anywhere. After a few more minutes of aimlessly walking around, I looked at the time...I think it was 5:20. Then a crazy idea came into my head. I saw Al Mulla Plaza in the distance. Whenever I get these gut feelings I just decide to go with them. So I started to walk to Ali's House.
For all who do not know, Ali lives on Maktoum Street in Deira. I live in Sharjah.
I kept walking for a long time, past Al Mulla,
Past The Dubai Police Headquarters,
Past The Peugeot Cars Showrooms,
Past Ramada in Abu Hail,
Down Salah-u-din Road,
Past The Muraqqabat Police Headquarters,
Until I saw the clock tower far ahead. At that point I called Ali and told him where I was, he thought I was bullshiting! I told him to wait for me.
One of the best things is that when you know you’re so close to your destination, you are filled with another sort of energy, not that I was especially tired, but I was so close to breaking all my records of 'distance-walking' that I started walking faster.
When I reached the rear-end of Taj Palace I went insane. I was so overjoyed that I broke into a frenzied run.
Then I rang his doorbell and Ali opened the door to his apartment. He couldn’t believe it; I honestly don’t think I could believe it. We both started laughing.

2. I have been praying for sometime that I would get the opportunity to walk in the rain.
You know.
For a new experience.
The only really huge problem is that I picked the day when it rained like god had overturned his tub.
It was full of water of course.
I had to go to the Millennium School for some Redial Entertainment work, and seeing as it within walking distance, and also since I realllly wanted to walk I took my jacket and headed downstairs.
Then I came back up and took my umbrella.
The bad part is that, to get behind Sahara centre, you have to go through this sandy area, which obviously had turned to mushy icky gook. But I endured it anyway, I even got my shoes clean; the water had collected on the road in a traditional pool-type fashion, and the cars passing by didn't think much of sparing me. My jeans were now clean too.
It stopped raining during the latter part of the journey; I could put my umbrella away. The squishing from my wet socks was going too, but the damn entrance to the school was blocked. When I say blocked I mean that there was water at least 2 feet deep in front, and there was a reprise from the icky sand as well.
Thank God I got a lift back.
Well, that’s two more things I’ve wanted to do, completed. Next I’m going to try walking to school.