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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Name, Songs

I know it is Valentines day, however I shall resist the urge to rant about my love life. Instead I'll share 2 new things with all readers, both music-related.

1. While listening with earphones, you should try closing your ears over the plugs. It makes your song extremely "bass-ey" and wonderfully reminiscent of your local club,although I do not reccommend prolonged use.

2. I listed out all songs which have names of people as their respective titles. What's interesting is that the female to male ratio is 4:1, and that's only by passing titles for males such as "Mr.Brightside", which technically doesn't officially count, but as the guy-from-the-grammy's-advertisments-on-star-world dude says, "rock n'roll is about breaking the rules".So...

Female names(What I have so far):
Angie, Laura, Nikita, Lola, Alison, Cecilia, Mandy, Jude, Maria(Maria), Tallulah, Jenny(was a friend of mine), (My)Sherona, Adrienne, (believe me)Natalie, Eleanor (Rigby)[there are actually two songs with her], Georgia[not charles], Dani(California), (long tall) Sally, Maybellene, Layla, Maggie May, Jessica, Sister Golden hair?, (Sister) Fatima, Josie, (Cross eyed) Mary, Sarah (Yellin'), (The diary of) Jane?, Stacey's Mom?, Chariot, Rapunzel, Roxanne, Elizabeth, Julie, Sophia, Michelle.
Thats all I've got so far; question marks on the ones that aren't technically allowed in my list.
Feel Free to contribute to my list. And also I do have the names of the bands who wrote and recorded these songs, but you must be outta your mind if you think I'm going to write all that down.

Male songs(I don't know how many of these count):
Mr.Jones, Mr.Bojangles, Joey, Kody, Charlie, Mr.Bartender?, (King)Creole, Casey Jones, (Hey) Joe, Daniel, Mr.Tambourine Man?, Louie(Louie), (Cotton eye) Joe, Vincente, Mr.Brightside.
Well, that's all folks!

Monday, February 05, 2007

I Liked Justin Timberlake's First Album

Recent conversations with people made me realise something new. It's not a habit or a quality, but a general nature about people. Everyone knows about the whole "going with the trend" thing. People can choose to like things that are either "in" or "cool" just so that they can be accepted as part of the gang.
But everyone knows that, right?

It actually only struck me now as how important that it is to me. To like and dislike what you want to, and not give a damn about what people think. It may be just a very small issue, but its important to me nonetheless. I'm just happy with myself today, because I know I don't choose that type of lifestyle where I have to go with any flow of any sort, and I'm thankful I have the type of friends that don't influence my behaviour in that way.

I remember when Justin Timberlake's first album released, I bought it and really liked it. It was funky and catchy and I enjoyed listening to it. It was my own fault I gave it up however, after people started laughing at me; my fault because I knew I shouldn't have done so. I listened to it recently again, and was wondering why I ever stopped listening to it!
About his new album however...
The point is simple but important: Do what you think is right, don't be part of a trend just for the sake of it and don't be afraid to try new things.
And also that I like Confessions on a Dance Floor.